Sign a Halachic Prenup
and protect Jewish marriage

The Halachic Prenup is the best tool available to protect
both husband and wife in a Jewish marriage

Why Should We Sign a Halachic Prenup?

Signing the halachic prenup is the ultimate demonstration to your future spouse that you are committed to them, to your extended families, and to the family you will God-Willing build together

For You

First and foremost it protects your marriage from misunderstandings and meddling, but God-forbid if you ever need it, it protects your custody and financial interests, and against issues of igun (agunah and agun)

For Your Family

The prenup protects your parents and your siblings by ensuring that God-forbid in the event of a divorce, your future children will always maintain their relationship with your side of the family.

For Your Future Family

Most importantly, the prenup prevents divorce, and when divorce is necessary, it ensures that there is zero or minimal conflict, which ultimately protects your children and allows both parents to focus on raising them.

The Halachic Prenup is the preferred prenup document by parents of the bride and groom


Start Your Marriage on the Right Footing

A strong marriage is built on trust, mutual respect and communication. Modern secular marriage laws follow the general culture of disposability and selfishniess. Under secular marriage laws, either party can leave the marriage at any time, and take everything with them - including the children.

The Halachic Prenup is built atop our thousands-years tradition of Chuppah, Ketubah & Kiddushin. A couple who marry under the chuppah make a covenant to eachother and to God in front of witnesses, in front of their families and in front of their communities. In recent years, the Jewish marriage values have too often been cast aside because its terms are unenforceable in modern countries. The Halachic Prenup brings these values back in a way that modern secular courts will more likely recognize and ensure that the values of the ketubah are honored by both parties

Of course, perhaps most importantly the Halachic Prenup protects both parties to the marriage from issues of agunah and agun where if God-forbid one party breaks their convenant to the other spouse, the other spouse has remedies to ensure that the offending spouse will participate in the religious divorce process and give/accept a Gett.